Automation & Electronics USA international system integrators, supplying millwide software, optimization and control solutions
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Why Choose Automation & Electronics

Automation & Electronics is a New Zealand based multinational R&D, design and electronic solutions provider.


At A&E we specialise in completing projects from servicing the smallest electronic devices through to complete turnkey projects, including the management of sub-contractors.


We can provide you with solutions for any industry applications including manufacturing, batching, repetitive processes and weighing applications.


All of our staff are trained in Project Management processes to ensure that we identify, monitor and achieve our project objectives.


A&E build projects utilising PLC controls incorporating Allen Bradley PLC and Delta motion for axes controls. As an integration controls company, Automation & Electronics supplies your business with a solution with off the shelf components.

No more propriety cards or PC based decisions on your controls. No servicing fees per year, just good old fashioned service provided by Automation & Electronics PLC engineers on a hourly rate basis.


At Automation & Electronics we are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By installing our optimisation and controls, A & E can service your requirements from our office utilising VPN hardware for on-line access.


Automation & Electronics is not just a sawmill controls provider, we can control your project with PLC programming, panel builds and operator controls that provide your business with an affordable solution.

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INDUSTRIES SERVED: Solid Wood Processing - Batch Processing - Flour Milling - Material Handling - Boiler Controls - Concrete Industry

ANCILLARY EQUIPMENT: Moisture Meters - Industrial Lasers - Joy Sticks - Laser Scanners - Hydraulic Actuators - CCTV - Metal Detectors

TIMBER INDUSTRY: Edger Systems - Setworks - Bin Sorter - Kiln Control - Scanning & Optimisation Solutions - Tally System -

Saw Deviation Monitoring - Carriage Winch Control - Mill Management Systems